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Charcoal and artists charcoal .

Cooking Charcoal. Dartmoor Greenwood charcoal is single species, round wood charcoal. A bag contains all you need for 1-2 super hot and long bbqs. Each bag contains a fire lighter and roughly 1.5kg of highest quality round wood charcoal. Round wood means it’s been charcoaled as a log or stick, meaning it holds its shape as a fuel and hasn’t broken down into small shards or fragments. Though not as big as some lump wood charcoals, it’s perfect for grilling and bbq cooking.

Woodcutters choice. Round wood from coppice and hedge. £5 a bag + postage. 1-1.5kg approx weight (varies on wood type). Round wood is a grade between lump wood and grilling sizes, and lends itself perfectly to an even cooking temperature and long life burn.

Artist charcoal available.

A traditional craft used as a medium for black and white textured drawing. Produced on a small scale. Variety of species available. Length of stick 3-4” though likely to include smaller fractured pieces. All sourced local to south Dartmoor, often through key conservation management such as hedgelaying, coppice work.

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