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Tools for sale.

Below is a collection of hedge, coppice and craft tools I currently have for sale. Email for all enquiries.

Unbranded kindling chopper. Long bit, ideal for processing kindling and general light firewood processing. Approx 900g-1lb head. 16”haft. £75 + postage.
4.1/2lb Spear and Jackson splitting axe. 28” cleft haft, perfect to prepare and process the winters firewood. £130 + postage.
Parkes Biped 960 no 4. 20” cleft ash curvy haft, 2lb head. Versatile style for a number of uses. Ideal for processing coppice, shaping stakes, hewing wood as well as all the firewood an kindling splitting. £110 +postage
Spear and Jackson kindling chopper. Great household tool. Fully sharpened and ready to go with new bespoke ash handle. Keep it by the firewood for quick and easy kindling. £40+postage
Parkes carving axe. 12” cleft ash haft in a carving axe style. Relic of a head, uncommon and perfectly designed for carving and shaping for spoons, bowls and all sorts of treen… £90 +postage
Rhineland carving and bushcraft axe. Classic pattern for all round craft, on a carving axe haft. Slight recurve for controlled carving. £80 + postage
Foresters axe 2lb gilpin on 20” cleft ash. Great axe for working woods or outdoor lifestyle. Beautiful ash grain. A perfect balance of tool and haft. Style of axe used by military as well as classic woodsmans axe for bushcraft, hunting and coppice and hedge work. £110+postage.
2lb Gilpin foresters axe on 20” cleft ash haft. Designed for a variety of hewing, pleaching and trimming as well as general firewood processing. Classic style of working axe. £130 + postage

5lb felling axe. Beautiful old restored head, ready for serious work as a hedging, felling or firewood axe. cleft ash handle 30”, beautiful perfect grain and seriously string piece of timber. How they used to make them- split from the log. Head has some signs of life but is sharp and ready to go. £160+postage.

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