How to get a Dartmoor Greenwood tool.

I make tools to order, as well as collecting and restoring a selection of axe and edge tools- available to buy. If you’re after anything in particular or have a tool you’d like restored it’s best to get in contact at and we can see what can be sorted out.

The tools are high quality, restored and vintage and I focus on tools for hedge laying and general woodland work as well craft tools. Billhooks and axes are a speciality.

I only use ash, which I source as a log and process myself into billets, which become handles and hafts. I use only edge tools and traditional greenwood craft techniques, which I’ve been practicing now for 5 years, specialising in handles. Cleft ash is generally a stronger material than milled ash. The wood I use comes from the work I do as a working woodsman as well as sub contracting to forestry and woodland management contractors. I specialise in working in low impact and conservation, preservation and heritage management objectives. Much of the timber I’ve been using has gone from contracts with Horselogging teams, which I work with as a trained horselogger. I also am a charcoal maker and coppice worker, providing beanpoles and peasticks as part of the local cop

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